Vacation Home vs Hotel Room

The year has 365 days and most would agree that the best days of the year are the vacation days! How would you describe a hotel room? 1 or 2 beds, a TV, and a bathroom? This is exactly how all hotel rooms look, right? What about security?

Now, how would you describe your home? Spacious, comfortable, a full kitchen, a nice backyard with a pool and a BBQ? Why would you change all of the space in your home for a tiny hotel room for your once or twice a year vacation? Would you like to have the same comfort that you have in your home while on vacation? Let us tell you how:

With Maximum Vacation Homes you can have all of the comfort that you have in your home saving an average of 30% compared to the costs of a hotel room. You save on accommodations, meals, and have all of the pleasure of staying in a fully furnished home, in a safe community where all you need to think about is enjoying your vacation days with your loved ones.

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